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We live in a time when automobiles are manufactured in the tens of thousands, as opposed to times past when some models were only made in numbers countable on one's fingers. Today computers design -- and robots build -- our everyday transportation

Today computers also run and maintain systems that keep cars running at maximum efficiency. The cars of today differ from the cars of yesterday on all levels: plastic vs. wood, vinyl vs. leather, chrome-plated plastic vs. chrome-plated brass...

One could say that here at Sargent Metalworks we live in the past: a past where cars and trucks were designed on paper and built by human hands. We refer to this time as the Golden Age of automobiles. From about 1920 to the beginning of WW II was a fascinating time when development, change, innovation and style intersected to bring us some of the world's most coveted and valuable automobiles. While advancements were being made here in the US as well, we specialize in pre-WWII era French exotic cars. Delahaye, Talbot, Hispano, Bugatti and Delage are some of these marques that we have worked on, while Bugatti is the marque we specialize in. From the exciting Grand prix racers to the Touring Type 57 model, we have logged many hours in repairing and restoring these coveted cars.

The documentation, preservation and restoration of these cars could be called our mission statement. Whether restoring a car to be shown at Pebble Beach, Amelia Island or the Colorado Grand rally, we here at sargent metalworks are committed to the needs of the client as well as to their car. Our work preserves the car's integrity and value as well as the car's place in automotive history.

To aid in this task we employ many different machine- as well as hand-tools, some not too different from those used in the era when the cars were being made. Milling machines, metal lathes, OD- and table-grinders, press, shear, bandsaw, louver punch, English wheel, power formers, as well as mig tig and gas welding setups, all help us with our specific tasks. To achieve maximum efficiency while working on these labor-intensive projects, some of the machine tools retain power assist as well as DRO readouts for accuracy.

From machining a simple shaft or bushing to complete fabrication of a set of fenders or body panel, no task is too large or too small. We have relationships with other local shops that perform paint and trim work on our more comprehensive restorations Please feel free to call and discuss your project with us. We love what we do here and would be honored to assist you with your automotive needs.

We hope you enjoy the images and the information on this site.